Friday, 3 April 2009

When Harry met Harry or ReCrossing the Line - hJgodwin

No one was there!
Jeff said “Hello”!
Paul didn’t drink!
Sean was rock’n’roll!
But he wasn’t allowed to know!
Lots of canting!
Geraldine wasn’t drunk!
A break!
More beers!
Jow became Steve!
More canting!
Little Frances made a huge entrance!
Sean read!
Paul snuffed as Gavin read snuff!
Cute anarchists were discussed!
Crisps were discussed!
Crisps were bought!
Curries were discussed!
No curries were bought!
Harry met Harry!
Harry de Wit was discussed!
Harry sang Ivor Cutler!
Jeff and Harry discussed dog shit!
Lots of photographs were taken!
Peckham in Furs!
Finland, Poland and Canada were discussed!
Dutch is not a secret language!
Harry said goodbye to Harry!
Another Harry de Wit was discussed!
He plays jazz!
Johan nearly got run over!
So did Harry!

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