Thursday, 2 April 2009

DP dream sequence - Nat Raha

Nature (subconscious) plucks,
placed moment to serenity.
Witness to the ceremony,
indeterminate tower
(observation for the pine
& finches). None
of your tribal rhythm
or ten-chamber lull –
Does this new era
of calm or television conception

Uncertain (digital?) woodland
generates its own ambient
curve. Carried astray,
perhaps by vocal lack
of namesake, or either A.,
the motorway harmonises –
Even the hot-dog van, the near miss
Motorised ballet.

I retract to humane, orientated
ambivalence (she does have
the most sarcastic voice)
& remain two steps twentieth.

She’s always consuming
aside the remarks.
This fiction isn’t part of the record collection.

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