Saturday, 11 April 2009

Letter to H J Godwin - Nat Raha

London, N4
11th April 2009

Dear hJgodwin,
I write you this letter
whilst literally vacuuming my mother’s living room. I apologise profusely for my recent behaviour – I did not intend
to acquire an alcoholic beverage
paid by yourself whilst (assumedly) you resided
in the three-person deep
of the foundry. I was assigned a task which I clearly did not attempt
& will suffer through reportage.
I was distracted
& remain / gazelle? / contrast / I have finished vacuuming.

However, I must voice my concerns over my part in
accidental poetry theft,
for the consequence of
such misdemeanours are
unquantifiable. You are not the sole victim as there has been further confusion
between the works of
Mr Linus Slug of Roehampton
& myself.

I apologise for the brief & Cantabrigian nature of this letter,
it has come at the expense
of (withheld caller) *text missing* the public nature
of this reply does not offend you, & I hope this can be rectified
possibly within a situation like those which
have been subject
to your latest
exquisite documentations.

I look forward to our future interactions.
Nat Raha.