Thursday, 9 April 2009

untitled - nat raha

I have reclaimed far past my adjective,
The hilarity on
“the dark blue one”
is the appeal.
Once there was,
early bail granted,
via the apothecary.
will burden later
with reclaims.
20 million
individual underperformances

They, no more likely competitive,
simpler in mechanic,
(comfort in irresponsibility?).
Lack of concession (/ assumption)
becomes valuable under a roof.
The pretty one
would like to lie
/ remain speechless
/ expire faster on cigarettes.

Eyes eyes forgotten your,
your, present value
crimson tangle
one thought of losers past
remain in building.
Our method is better
and you look glad you…

Compensating with age / style / activity,
the house only believes
with respect
(bar odd anomalies –
but don’t fear, ze will
question your garden output).

We remain as many things
we both are to reveal.