Wednesday, 15 April 2009

LOVE POEM - Josh Stanley

dear gov
my dick is massive
oooooo please write back soon so
i can deny u

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


-- YOU’RE very quiet underneath that ski mask. Something bothering you?

-- Well, when Vietnam came, and the Kennedy assassination,
and everything, the liberal Democratic consensus F.D.R. had built rapidly bled the South,
the minority yuppie and much of the white working class over to the G.O.P.
so in 68 Nixon won and in 72 Nixon won every state save Mass..
Reagan radicalised Nixon’s G.O.P., a.k.a. the yank Tory party; in 92
Clinton won back blue collar voters and big stretches of the South,
but Clinton’s doveish wars were named in the M.E. for his cock,
and Republicans twice shut his Federal Government down and impeached him for his suckjob lies.
In 08 when he thanks the Democrat Conference to hold their applause they just don’t.
The Supreme Court voted along party lines to award the 00 election to Bush’s son
over Clinton’s vice Gore. Bush was a cipher with an aura of illegitimacy
till kamikaze Islamist terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon
and the jock, stricken jingoism prevailed. “USA! USA!” Of course neoconservatism
seized the state apparatus proper, Cheney and his puppet, and his reluctant puppet Blair.
By 08, too fractured to unite behind the C.E.O. Romney or the preacher Huckabee,
conservatives appointed the maverick McCain their unlikely saviour. At odds with his party
over soft money, etc. Brush ya shoulders off. Dream ticket. “Yes we can”
video on Youtube by of the Black Eyed Peas. McCain in his Straight Talk Express.
Campaign strategists said too straight. Mittens. Really nice hair.
David Foster-Wallace dead. I didn’t really follow this.
I guess that’s what’s bothering me, if at all. Dr. No.
Always “Barack Hussein Obama” on Fox News.
Both he and McCain wanted fairer and franker campaigns.
Both pandered to the base for the nomination,
to the swing voter for election. Terrorist fist job. Jab.
Dad. Vera. The race card. Articulate and bright and clean. Obama girl. Bomb
bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. Palin. McCain ahead in the polls.
Then the credit crunch. The sub-prime mortgage crisis. The businessmen
lined up in height order so the smallest ones were sheltered,
moving the bail-out bill around in their robes. The bail-out bill,
opposed by a coalition of opportunists and cocorosie,
laissez-faire conservatives with a bad understanding
of the political economy they called their own.
This was about when you were meeting Michael and I Jessica.
Palin not a credible president. A woman and an idiot.
The right of the House of Representatives
demolished McCain’s economic leadership credibility.
Heart of gold, gold of rose. McCain,
McCain hushing the booing at his concession speech.
As high up as those arms get. Things had finally started
to happen to me in my career and in terms of relationships
and the last thing I wanted was someone to rock the boat.
But then I lost interest, I was never really following it to begin with.
Let me give you an example of my individual success.
My beloved Jessica’s pussy is very isolated and quiet.
The pussy consists of several cabins hidden throughout the woods,
only connected by small mulch walking paths. They are all named after
various trees, plants, and flowers. My eyes were glued to yours though.
Always you.
I wonder by my troth, what thou and I did, till we loved?
In other words, what is it about dry land
that means Michel Foucault emerged there and not elsewhere?
Some spawning stocks, such as the west of Scotland archaeology,
now are on the verge of collapse, but in 1926,
the year of Foucault's birth, the discrepency was much less marked.
Were we not weaned till then? But sucked on country pleasures, childishly?
Or snorted we in the Seven Sleepers' den?
'Twas so; but this, all pleasures fancies be; if ever any beauty I did see,
which I desired, and got, 'twas but a dream of thee,
even though I am incredibly close with some of my exes,
and now good-morrow to my waking dead. They had the Squid of Intelligibility,
as agitated to Ink Pledge by a whole generation of geneelologists
in the grip of Fishfinger School influence. One remembers
the Donne one, "That, moan'd in zombie women's arms were
/ But formless mouthsings of thy unknown name
/ which was 'Samantha Walton'
/ My eyes were glued to thine [...]" I knew the drill.
I was on edge. An irridescence
homogenised with Mer-Barthes had begun work on his monogram
"On Guppimentality" published ultimately as "On Grunionmentality"
in Spring of 1932. But it wasn't just about
what the shallow seas of the Continental shelf didn't have.
It was also about what they did,
namely, the "Panoctopus" penitentiary system.
Thou know'st the drill. I locked my arm in yours.
She stroked the line of her jaw. There was
no end in sight of this heat wave,
as at the end of Do The Right Thing, and –
oh shit, but Michael must have thought
he was playing footsie with Vera! I swallowed heavily.

I didn’t want to blow this for Vera. I had to stroke.
But what if Vera thought I was flirting with Michael?
Vera kicked me under the table. I crept under the tablecloth.
I didn’t want to blow this for Vera. I swallowed heavily.
My boss knitted into a little spool that goes:

security, on edge already,
the easier to deceive, has
his luxury with my proxy
while I’ve your world wired
with weird explosives

MEAT BAR 2 - Richard Barrett

strat / tactic categories ‘recalled’
rapidly assess degree at accent
-less arriving to castle sleeping
dragon compound brutal and
the gothic modes of architecture
lager tee-total accompaniment
nonsenses ab/normal dichotomies
I calculate: 46. Pine. Chrome.
Errands meet friend excuse
elusive time expect not depart
to walk to TESCO together I have
never read Dan Brown. Reputed
crucial maintenance work felt a
confidence not ungrounded.

as yet untitled - hJgoodwin

this is the 21st these are the I am in this is the rat-bags down at and so-called Elvis is in the Germolene or TCP if you prefer it would like to know why the fence is erected after hazel coppicing and coppice the oak too Edward Woodward would too two to three times a week and handle it up stairs

Postal - Linus Slug

Home to piss in lifts. Christ

gone long time well hung.

Know Peter woz ere coz bog lid

up and need to shit. How

pleasant my pastoral foray into

forest of new. Hand drawn with

pastilles. Reads like this.

untitled - Edvard Nogood

We all shat the big brick now
Culpability spreads treacle wings
Rainy day money is totally bazoik
And they are LAUGHing at us gurdamnit

People like they don’t like they are
Manageable chunks swell systemic
Lymph nodes in the groin of
Finance the only way is

Bent backwards against a wall
Half built Persimmon or bust
Baby. Raise the prospect
Lower the possible.

A Love Poem For Tim (of Me, Tim and my Quim). Posie Rider

Demonic vine
Mon divine
Demo/s in s/lime
Your pillow is a case of mistaken identity.
Your back is an arching spine of misdemeanour.
And I have done nothing
but utterly dishonour you.
You have a look of the most desirable malnutrition.
You have a kind of pocked skin that resembles freckling without pigmentation.
Would it be disasterous
Were I to quake this yurt?
And would it be
Just terrible
Were I to weave you napkins from my own yoghurt?
I have a fancy of seeing them
All about your pigeon breasts
Wrapped up like bacon
I’ll bring the sausages
If you like
Or not, whatever, it’s your call.

pub poetry - nat raha

Detached youth workers.
Lose as the designate
pause / answer / create
long alcoholic chains.
The vacancy is always
regenerated cis –
inanimate preaching selections
buy into dental,
consumerism beat beat extension
beat open humour –
you kip on a hedgehog for
gin & your Baltic country,
we do not acquire through drinking
& next year
bring out the dingy / domino / effects.

Wild export 4´2
for twenty
I smoked in the sixties
swung unnamed hoop game
luftwibbley do not
do Engels
we understand the logistical difficulties involved
apology in drugs etc.

6 hours later, theft is
poor defence poking excel
excel the week finished here.

Monday, 13 April 2009

crunch (for G) - Sophie Robinson

I would suck
the cold
atlantic prawns
from your eyes
with glee, fuck
you drunkly
in the middle
of your
heart's heat,
a row of
garden peas
your lips,
licked up,
with the eyes
of a sparrow,
slurping -
a treat.

MEAT BAR - richard barrett

Polished beer-taps speak sideways
extensively ajar windows open at
miserly increments words released
plug-hole soup bubble thick layers
confuse piercings mis/understood
forgotten. A nostril. Fabricate
doubtful glasses stacked higher away
income bracket upending context
from fifteen back down to nought
can't shop borrow floodgates
spew sudden joyous of recognition
acknowledged drift surroundings still
a still point chance taken blindly
- was worth it.

SONG - True Helen

some beings we nudge futilely to us with the same coins
and some we strap on a weakness waldo first to fail to save,
that is the difference between love and leave to starve on Brighton pier, oh!
that is the difference between love and leave to starve on Brighton pier

Sunday, 12 April 2009

gazelle - hJgodwin

(I too am jumping on the gazelle wagon)

my pink gazelle screamed blue and
my pink gazelle ran into
the pantry where my pink
gazelle ate the scones
I was probably saving
for breakfast
my pink gazelle wolf whistled
at Rosier and tried to eat
her scarf
but Rosier beat up
my pink gazelle
and threw my pink
gazelle back into the
where it
belonged with my
other pink gazelle


that’s my job

0 9 3 2 8 4 7 5 0 3 4 5 7 2 0 1 9 8 2 0 5 7 2 0 9 3 4 5 6 7 8 6 4 2 7 8 2 5 4 9 8 5 3 7 0 9 8 6 7 5 4 0 9 8 6 7 4 1 2 8 7 6 5 3 4 5 8 6 7 0 2 9 6 8 5 7 9 8 4 3 1 5 6 9 7 2 4 7 5 8 0 2 7 5 6 0 9 1 8 7 5 8 6 2 5 0 9 8 7 5 8 9 2 7 4 6 4 9 2 7 1 6 5 0 4 1 9 8 5 7 3 0 8 7 4 5 6 7 9 8 1 3 4 5 6 0 1 4 5 7

do the right thing

9 8 8 7 0 7 7 5 6 5 8 5 2 1 2 9 0 2 0 8 8 5 7 0 5 8 4 5 6 8 4 9 0 3 9 0 8 5 9 8 9 0 6 8 5 6 8 4 9 1 6 4 9 1 8 2 4 3 4 3 4 9 3 5 6 6 5 4 4 2 7 7 5 9 7 3 9 6 7 5 9 4 2 2 8 4 7 2 2 0 9 0 7 0 5 5 5 4 3 3 6 8 7 7 6 6 2 3 8 6 2 1 1 7 1 4 7 8 7 5 0 7 1 7 6 2 9 0 7 5 5 8 7 9 4 7 5 7 0 7 8 5 8 6 0 4 4 1 5 2

random numbers

1 1 9 5 7 7 3 8 4 6 2 5 2 4 3 1 9 0 6 9 4 8 2 6 1 7 5 9 6 7 0 8 9 8 3 6 3 5 5 2 4 1 3 1 8 3 0 0 1 8 1 0 1 6 1 0 8 7 2 6 3 8 2 9 1 0 9 4 8 5 7 3 9 2 0 1 8 7 1 6 6 5 8 3 9 1 0 0 4 9 5 9 6 8 4 7 7 2 2 2 7 5 7 6 9 6 0 4 0 0 3 8 2 2 7 1 8 8 5 0 6 0 7 8 8 9 3 0 0 4 9 6 7 9 1 1 0 5 8 9 5 0 4 0 2 9 0 1 1 3

depositing its corners ahead

7 7 6 2 9 7 2 2 6 4 5 9 7 1 5 4 6 7 3 9 9 1 8 6 6 0 8 5 4 8 7 6 3 1 1 6 3 8 9 9 8 7 9 2 3 9 3 6 6 8 8 3 7 9 7 6 3 2 7 7 2 0 7 6 3 8 4 6 2 5 2 4 3 1 9 0 6 9 4 8 2 6 1 7 5 9 6 7 0 8 9 8 3 6 3 5 5 2 4 1 3 1 8 3 0 0 1 8 1 0 1 6 1 0 8 7 2 6 3 8 2 9 1 0 9 4 8 5 7 3 9 2 0 1 8 7 1 6 6 5 8 3 9 1 0 0 4 9 5 9

choose carefully

6 3 2 0 7 6 0 3 8 0 4 1 2 5 0 7 0 9 3 9 0 1 9 8 0 5 4 6 0 8 1 0 9 0 3 2 6 8 2 6 7 9 8 1 0 6 8 7 6 5 0 8 1 2 1 9 6 9 1 7 8 8 7 4 2 3 1 1 7 9 7 2 9 9 4 5 1 0 3 6 7 8 9 8 0 9 0 2 0 2 8 8 3 7 1 8 4 1 8 4 7 7 5 2 1 0 6 1 0 0 3 4 1 3 0 3 1 2 9 3 6 9 8 1 3 5 4 5 8 4 1 2 6 7 9 5 5 5 1 9 7 2 6 9 5 4 5 0 6 8

make cause with her

7 2 1 3 3 6 8 3 8 2 0 1 5 6 0 3 9 2 9 1 4 4 9 2 0 0 7 5 2 4 0 3 7 2 9 0 2 4 9 0 4 2 2 6 8 5 6 2 1 4 2 5 0 3 6 5 6 9 5 1 7 3 3 3 3 8 3 3 5 2 0 6 1 7 9 1 5 7 7 6 2 9 7 2 2 6 4 5 9 7 1 5 4 6 7 3 9 9 1 8 6 6 0 8 5 4 8 0 2 1 0 8 1 7 0 7 9 2 3 9 3 6 6 8 8 3 7 9 7 1 1 4 6 1 6 8 9 3 3 7 6 2 4 6 0 4 7 8 6 8

what time is it anyway

9 6 6 3 6 3 2 7 0 1 2 4 2 7 4 0 0 6 6 8 1 2 4 1 2 0 1 3 8 9 2 9 2 0 5 8 3 8 0 9 7 4 5 3 8 7 1 4 5 2 7 3 2 6 8 7 6 2 9 2 0 4 2 7 8 6 4 7 3 3 5 0 0 8 2 0 1 6 4 3 0 0 9 6 1 9 7 6 3 1 1 6 3 8 9 9 8 9 7 9 5 6 9 7 4 6 3 3 0 9 6 1 1 3 1 5 2 1 7 5 3 8 4 4 2 6 5 2 2 9 6 3 3 7 0 8 5 4 1 6 5 7 5 9 3 7 2 7 8 6

I know this X-Men: The Last Stand.
The Da Vinci Code. Ice Age: The Meltdown,
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Happy Feet,
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Madagascar, Meet the Fockers.
Ocean's Twelve, Shark Tale, Shrek 2. The Passion of the Christ,
Bruce Almighty. The Matrix Reloaded. Finding Nemo. The Matrix Revolutions.
Die Another Day, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Signs, Spider-Man.
The Mummy Returns, Monsters, Inc. Shrek. Planet of the Apes, Monster's Ball, Pearl Harbour.
Moulin Rouge. Cast Away, The Perfect Storm.
What Lies Beneath, What Women Want, Mission Impossible II, Jurassic Park III.
Meet the Parents, Gladiator. The World Is Not Enough, American Beauty.
Toy Story II, The Mummy. The Matrix.
The Sixth Sense.
The Fifth Element. Armageddon,
Godzilla. A Bug's Life. Deep Impact. Dr. Doolittle.
There's Something about Mary, Shakespeare in Love.
Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Titanic, The Full Monty, Men in Black, As Good As It Gets,
Liar Liar, The Ice Storm. Air Force One, A Time to Kill, The Birdcage,
Twister. Jerry Maguire, Ransom. The Rock.
Se7en. Batman Forever, Babe, Golden Eye, The Lion King, Pulp Fiction.
Copycat. Speed. The Mask. Casino. True Lies. Crimson Tide.
Mrs. Doubtfire, Cliffhanger. The Fugitive, The Firm, Schindler's List.
Aladdin. Basic Instinct. A Few Good Men.
The Bodyguard. The Silence of the Lambs. Hook.
Sleeping with the Enemy.
Beauty and the Beast. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Terminator 2.
The Addams Family. Father of the Bride. The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear.
Dances With Wolves, Pretty Woman.
Total Recall, Kindergarden Cop.
Home Alone, Ghost.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

important questions asked of those who cannot possibly answer them 5 - Jow Lindsay

Full lava, hard to follow, will flower, like
Hillsborough florets kettled dead
by state men dressed up as seraphs, so. Dou
Che bag MAO.sav which saves the upright in heart,

I took two sets of snaps with my new Holga:
"those guys are geeks they resisted the poll tax"
and "we guys are freaks we logged onto lol cats."
Posie's bed is fake. Vag Day coming up.

horn blend, frozen in a garnetiferous tallow
I kidding! did you really, flid, trust that
horn blend, et cetera, disquotated? num
pty. a big fan of journalism obv. a fucker
I hesitate to characterise as mother, crept
naked, pink, quivering, from a lil green toe fan
like a sea shell tied on your toe and green
derived certain conditions, like "nesty home"
during your creep, lol: reader, I'm explaining that
chav parliament cavort tesco ASCII obv. so
lol-gourd lock-ons are GO. next time reader
report ye carrion-free to the faery queen's court.
filthy lil green toe fan soz lol soz lol lsborough
flesh fresh wildflower free ROFLMAO roflmao while
While we wait for Hillsborough's first
coat of red to dry:
Save us, LORD,
save us. AKON's
"Space Invaders" savedgame file nowdays fetches
on Yebay the same as c.70 tonnes of saffron bcc'd from
Bombay to London by Somali spice traders in the seventeen hundreds would
of: th'insolence. asklfdjasdf.sav ah Kenny off
Southpark: ;klasjdf;aslj.sav us, slfdkjsdf'a\e'.sav us, and do not always
kill those condemned to death
merely because they are Kennies
as the less civilized might:
we use them to benefit science
like rats or mice
to find out the limits of human endurance
at the highest altitudes
for the good of the German navy;
or wound them and force wooden shavings or ground glass
into the wounds,
or take out bones, muscles, and nerves,
or burn their flesh –
to study the burns caused by bombs –
or put poison in their food
or infect them with malaria, typhus, or other fevers –
all for the good of the German army.
Heil Hitler!

Tsk Lady - Posie Rider

Tsk lady, I can't better this lattice of congealed parchment; chip fat in knee creases. Infitisimal webs of smatteried moisturising. If I'm not back with the crocuses dying, batter the door down and sweep up the tallow, a small favour to remove this taste from my sheets. A favour to be the man, the hairs on the pillow, ecstatic mysteries and corking my betterment. Make it a patchwork, and cum in my letterbox. I will wash for them and, when the poets are better, crack the pan with my oil that is too hot. And a various morning, ketchup in pasta and insisting we do not experience our moods alike all at the same time.

Letter to H J Godwin - Nat Raha

London, N4
11th April 2009

Dear hJgodwin,
I write you this letter
whilst literally vacuuming my mother’s living room. I apologise profusely for my recent behaviour – I did not intend
to acquire an alcoholic beverage
paid by yourself whilst (assumedly) you resided
in the three-person deep
of the foundry. I was assigned a task which I clearly did not attempt
& will suffer through reportage.
I was distracted
& remain / gazelle? / contrast / I have finished vacuuming.

However, I must voice my concerns over my part in
accidental poetry theft,
for the consequence of
such misdemeanours are
unquantifiable. You are not the sole victim as there has been further confusion
between the works of
Mr Linus Slug of Roehampton
& myself.

I apologise for the brief & Cantabrigian nature of this letter,
it has come at the expense
of (withheld caller) *text missing* the public nature
of this reply does not offend you, & I hope this can be rectified
possibly within a situation like those which
have been subject
to your latest
exquisite documentations.

I look forward to our future interactions.
Nat Raha.

Stealing from Nat who stole from me the princely sum of £3 and a poem on T H E D A I L Y F I L T H - hJgodwin

from the southbank
second , innocence
features oneself.
severed / / seeking
occurring by -givers –
& has not tags.
Your investment is within
the She remains
specific even if,
age d,
has less requirement.

if you do
the historic eyes.
You talk
& erase culture

Friday, 10 April 2009

Birghton:went - Georgie Lord


she as bat,
but them as rules

amateur gambling,
pennyfallen poverty party

green slithers,
or sea in cracks

the shells she sells
wash up
after last left tube,

a purse. or vaginal?

untitled - nat raha

Courier collects from the southbank,
second final, stages of innocence are
dominant features inferior to oneself.
Customary homeowners
want their slice. They are
severed / nursing / seeking
beyond land mass
occurring by prize-givers –
he consumes without
& has not checked tags.
Your investment is within
the 100%. She remains in
specific colour even if,
on age distribution,
she has less requirement.

You are behind on uptake
even if you do contain
the historic of eyes.
The moment of sickness passes
through potential expenditure.
You talk business
& erase culture
in suggestions.

Remembering Openned 4 - hJgoodwin

Ray Mears on Dave did not explain Petersfield Rise and I still don’t understand and Dave Ja Vu Nat ran off with my £3 and now my poems so Nat owes me a no Nat now owes Jeff a drink and Petersfield Rise an acronym of malice but malice was the acronym oops. Then Paul lurked in draughty shadows sofas swapped and Sharon eventually collected and Rosier disappeared after naked hand canoodles which along with Petersefield Rise mesmerised Mendoza aka slugboy aka dez mona aka linus slug who subtly not subtly not subtly at all pointed at the drunk on the train under hisher glasses and lots of laughs followed by the near kidnapping of a chap who missed his bus and sexual chips.

untitled - Richart Barrett

facial hair was thought

of very differently then

no coat yesterday doesn't mean

vests now won't be needed 'til winter

turn the t.v. up

the cat has started snoring

N-H-C - Linus Slug

in lieu of laudanum I am

Drowned in a Butt of


all the young bois are

dressing like sailoRs. Elegant


Musca Maledicta hung like Christ

I broke my heart

now I want to go home

Thursday, 9 April 2009

untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier

Wolf-whistled at by
among other things
_________________like bus drivers & lorry fuck wit
Googling my
among other things
________________like has Halle had botox & body
I don't want a tattoo for christ's
among other things
________________like Good Friday and pancake


Gazelle Ear - Edward Luker

I’ma young gazelle ear
Doughier than an unbaked bear
My dog keeps eating shit

charges - Steve Willey


Caterwaul scrap, white rib-bill
Opens out onto, rung bloom
Aching dial, yowl knifed
Milk achromatic, air-bone
Caustic wash, thin wind
Sharp collar cavity -
Cause your doorbell caws
Out for your blood.

frassled - Linus Slug

my filthy red rot shoving it

Y Viva España [por

favor] I think of you collecting

specimens. Musca

Maledicta. n o n e w s

untitled - nat raha

I have reclaimed far past my adjective,
The hilarity on
“the dark blue one”
is the appeal.
Once there was,
early bail granted,
via the apothecary.
will burden later
with reclaims.
20 million
individual underperformances

They, no more likely competitive,
simpler in mechanic,
(comfort in irresponsibility?).
Lack of concession (/ assumption)
becomes valuable under a roof.
The pretty one
would like to lie
/ remain speechless
/ expire faster on cigarettes.

Eyes eyes forgotten your,
your, present value
crimson tangle
one thought of losers past
remain in building.
Our method is better
and you look glad you…

Compensating with age / style / activity,
the house only believes
with respect
(bar odd anomalies –
but don’t fear, ze will
question your garden output).

We remain as many things
we both are to reveal.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier


These creasing folds appea
like a brown line around my shoulders.
box like the fluxus boy
like other boys
I am 100 years old & facing
among other things
__________________like custard creams.

And plastic bag shoes.

from Random Article - Nat Raha

A bit late but not as late as Peter :D


Fugghorn is in the mountain in the Furgghorn Alps in the Pennine mountain the Fugghorn is in the Pennine Furgghorn a mountain in the Alps Pennine in the is a mountain a mountain is in the Fugghorn the Pennine Alps.

Thunder Bay Water Aerodrome

an airport of entry currently can handle no more than 15 passengers and is staffed by no more than 15 passengers and is located adjacent to no more than 15 passengers by Thunder Bay with no more than 15 passengers.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland

October incarnation concerned with trace transformation aspects of social and opposition regions is Poland’s Ministry’s 1999 various greatest was history that was uncontested and by both this section needs expanding.

Valerius Romulus

son of and and of daughter of bore his father the fact he was buried after death his status raised his father in the Forum in a tomb along the only consul and later usurper also Marcus, Valerius died in 309

C O D - nat Raha

my filthy red rot shoving it

Y Viva España [por

favor] I think of you collecting

specimens. Musca

Maledicta. n o n e w s

Spring in london - Steve Willey

Come in from a warmth my small gazelle drill
Scaffolding green of caltrop pierce-hoof
For it is now midday and I'm in need of pigeons
Canted-builder, undead-mesh, brackened-eyes
Closets and kisses fold you up something proper
No today is not the day for something proper
Extinguish curls -

And when I was a poacher the room was pink
In summer O' microwaves where the birds burst
And the shields turn in face to slit faces the pretty
Polices, and Luke

I garnered up the violence for you, I placed it in this bird
Will you hold it? Yet still, while you face it, will you come
In from my mouth, for it is now past midday, and I'm in need
Of poems -

Fuck off to find a fallow field mouse gangrene and empty
For he is out in the lower gut of my tiny Luke bird,
Shitting out green -

And I heard you ill the city - so are you my slow gazelle,
Or worse - are you my drill-field. And am I the closet terrorist
When even your kisses fear me -

Where even the birds sought my door to die?

8 things I ate - Posie Rider



i ate more

allotment - E. Luker

Focus: frail abstraction
Wrung out as dewy tips
Wetting the pockets fud
Fingers cry and tweak at
The focus. Morning looms
Weave time thru stitch back
A bit. The abundance
Sediments and heave the
Spade to shift to all to
Reface it when you turn
Around time refuses you
Hack at it infinite
The manual focus
The lone dexterity
Planting bulbs bordered by

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier

I have been
asking like

wondering if white is really a colou r?

I know, I know, I'm

like hollow pornography boot platforms
I am swimming in the water in _____one.

[happy but : not yknow]

today 07 - Alex Mist

An increasing amount of people
- more and more every day - access
all this.

They are not wrong indeed.
They are meaningless.

For this reason - or for few more -
People seam important.

It takes a moment to experience
a Ferlinghetti’s line.

After that - of course - some
more research.

Not much time today, I am afraid
I won’t be able to get too deep.

At the end, always time for questions:

A little huge I hope you can see later.

And endless possibilities of dialogue.

Frass suicide 2 - Linus Slug

I want to dry mount you to the rhythm of your

Heave. These days I am manly and

gagging for cock [yr butt fuck faggot,

yr queermo muse

purple and waxy]

spend me now before

I am limp, mouth wide open

wasting for blowfly.

my filthy red rot shoving it

Reply to LinusMark as IrrelevantReportDelete Post

untitled - edward luker

In the tertiary hooks of magnolia numbness,
All labour attunes to the growth of dulcet keypads,
The cyclical devaluing espouses the vanity of value,
Utter servile regression, play house but
Wipe your nose cunt, you are a drag and
Make me nauseous.

corporate - richard barrett

Hard to learn
you'd be
more popular than her told
manager-ese absorbed
move sideways / new team
opportunity / away
gaps filled, whilst
others. A
stoppage. You could
smack me in the face each morning
and still be better liked than
for you / calculated
by the computer. Yes.
Maybe. No.

Posie's diet poem! - posie rider

Brush strokes on the fringe
Idiot woman, all a condolence
Suitcase on railings
Curtains in wrappings
This one, beyond comparison
Better than that
Worst is on Thursdays
Better I damage him
Breast strokes and tanning
Talking at plastic
Reader, I married him
Listen, who did this?
Calling the maniken
Massage the dam breakers
Wait for the out to print
500, very good.

Like on Sundays
I kissed the church
Footsteps on the fringe
He ran, I can’t fear his grimaces
Holy water by the door
Canting at soup kitchens
Wedgewood and backstabbing
Listen, why can’t you?
Walking with children
I heart little envelopes
Look at this happening
Becoming less childish
Almighty, sanitary
Yeah listen, I’m talking
Less to be reckoned with
Like breakfasts on Sundays
Zero, very good.

(It's about how I am so thin!)

Remembering Openned 3 or What happened when Steve Changed Tapes During Sean Bonney’s Reading - hJgodwin

Excuse me sir, is this
young man

Yeah Ma

Is this ERR gentleman
part of your reading
it’s really distracting
what he’s doing
down here

No he’s not part
he’s not
distracting me
you should learn
to be less easily

what are
you doing mate?

…the commons

milking stool - alex davies

So there we were hands made out of thrown pints and I had this, just this fucking REVELATION where this Islamabad Jew rises out of these ashes, right, there in front of me he's spoiling for a fight, so I says to him fine but you've got to place yourself between these two Poles, they're having a Benjamin about screamed lips kissing paper, and she says fine but fuck me you've got to have some kind of PERSPECTIVE on these events it's only a blogspot or two gathering bits of paper in a white shoebox and I'm like who the fuck are you to JUDGE me? Next thing I know Ackroyd's reciting an involved epic about some sheep climbing a porch at high speed, draped like a neon curtain under Mercury & Venus, and I'm well enjoying it then she takes his book and rips it to shreds and he's like you couldn't pour shit out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel and she's like well if you spoke proper English'tead of writing bollocks in my comments box I could tolerate your indecent proposals and next thing I knows Maximus is in the State of Play and that YouTube video what I just tolerated is screaming about lips kissing paper written on the heel of the Pole in the white shoebox, and Ackroyd's practically BRICKING himself with laughter.

Monday, 6 April 2009

today 06 - alex mist

…magnitude … struck on …day
…near …city of …followed [] by
…later …quake …injured [] lay

Train [] *nterrupted on… the rain
There… damage* buildings… pain

…jammed *phone lines… 4 pm
after... at… stronge* …got them
…felt [] capital… to… a problem

“There is… anguish, a lot …fear
[] town …panic” [ ] *side near
…in [] just the …’s *centre… tear

Information [] local health… aid
…have been no calls… they said

A [] smalle* [] struck at… where
…danger* [] in parts… they stare
old are left in… measuring [] pare

and kill*
and dea*

…to be “nothing catastrophic”
[ ] an aftershock

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untitled - daniel f bradley


untitled - marcus slease

choked by the river
jonsing for a dowdy
clime you my very
serotonin downloading
say yeah my native
groins we’ve got
the seasoned
stammer no need
to get dreamy to get
outside of London
our ears will pop
this England will sail yes
yes glancing at the
straights I’m still
a thief maybe a bit of
naughty is it a big start is it
a speaking part
fancy pants I don’t understand
this natural glam he lives
who once was dead oh Jesus
with keen beheadings a bit
of the crazies a bit of
wobly foreheads a bit
oh teeth!


grip a rod
grip a metal rod

slick on bearings glissard

a delivery you meant for
cutting up creatures

signed for and caught

making faces as planes
scuff sky

cut out>cute in.

luncheonette, en booth - sophie robinson

Emotions sloppy, I change as if orange,
Cocooned in light, drinking soda with the
Vivisectionists of winter. I am an
Overweight fool, a sideways fool, shooting
Darkness, a plateful of sherbert in my
Lap, the drowsy waitress wriggling sloppily
On the floor beside me in flats, footless
Tights, hiding away all the drowsy dogs
That, come Saturday, shall snap around your
Ankles once again, having scammed away
Their dog days out back, ceaselessly, alone.

frass suicide - linus slug

you are mounted on pins you are mounted on

sharp-tipped probes taxonomist who names me

give me an order for I . am. bored.

I want to go out but when I go out

I am overwhelmed by this lethargy and

no matter what

you are painfully thin my bulimic bank teller I

want to dry mount you

to the rhythm of your Heave

for keith warrender - richard barrett

Once cautioned against
the word palimpsest
over-use / ferrying coal
Bridgewater canal to
centre of town
wasn't underground then.
Quaker house gathering afternoon
dignitaries present haunt
the back-rows. Built
on and over. Creation
of tunnels. Erudition
accepted / delivering
frilly-shirted WMC turn.
Foundation of the city

lighter than air.
Seam tapped
below that easily vocalized
therapists call it stumble/walk
to the tram-stop stop hear
'cold-war...telephone exchange ensure powerful
survive'. Tautology accusation:
an invented story.
Memories rising like
Irwell water level post
decades of corporate dumping.
Entrance wouldn't have been
that narrow.

I am also complaining about a man - Rebecca Gisele Rosier

Say some _______theoretical

fuck it I can't be ___


Spotting your hotpants from 60ft away
because they're bright
orange & you are
Clogged up & dancing in the name of
social reform I'll listen Mrs_______ Ms.

I am confused by your small hat
& your also orange _______________organs
they are quite nice but also a little bit odd.

I think you are quite sexy but

(fuck it.

A Complaint to a Man in the Form of a LIST - Posie Rider

• I wrote a tiny book
• I put it in your arm
• You let the fascists
• Do that thing
• To your leg, you know?
• I can't trust you
• Because you passed the rabid seer
• Your number, why did you do that?
• And you whittled
• When whittling time was through
• And you poured the sense of Jesus
• Though the Jesuit asked for none
• And you spilt the milk
• You burned my hems
• When I asked you to turn them up
• Why did you
• Because I’m taller than you?
• When the house was down
• You left the page
• Unturned the cup
• And glued the cats together
• By their white noses
• You bullied the ketchup
• Wined in the stew
• Wrought havoc on the iron
• You waxed the ripe lemons
• Ate my fucking harp
• I can’t believe
• You ate my fucking harp
• Tipped the blest frame
• To face against the wall
• And why, because
• I’m more attractive than you,
• Is that it?

playground - nat raha

I no longer feel guilty for fucking you,
as your response,
listenership shake raw
amongst bloody dandelions &
brutal fanfares,
are perhaps to be
your greatest perversion.
I’d ruin you again
harmonic disjuncture
shocking bliss / couples.

I understand
little remainder
(carry the units)
but whatever you were was the problem –
your finest self is one
something impaled on the
queer girls’ spike parameter
& the finale is worth
a two-page obituary.

Blue Bus Reading, Tuesday 17th February (Or, for Allen Fisher) - Steve Willey

Blue Bus Reading, Tuesday 17th February
(Or, for Allen Fisher)

tones of rage / entanglement
constellated / proposals, too late (shadow)

so, like

rage as light against gauze || some kind +> filter

pierces, then images,
("then" for time)

shadows, not-celan
forceful hole holds

body (wine-dismiss)

and the rage-light
touches through gauze
to leave
uranium birds,
chirping gentle bloods
in, space between earless
early and now,

the white hands flapping -
laughter as
0Abut only -

paint-memory failed-war
reverse as applicable

the girl has to go - linus slug

Sunday, 5 April 2009

untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier

You are much COOLER than me,
Harriet Street,
You are the ___________coolest.

Discuss this name with other
users (while you

try and work out what kkfdd means.

Killing Café (for Steve Willey) - Sophie Robinson

I purchased you there, so pink
And white THUD I can barely
Contain myself I can bare
Myself to the afternoon
To the birds at the window
To the school playground /but I
Cannot think more about the
Flapping omens of the
Possible rasping away
My paper-veins, match-lit,
Curling backward. You inhale
Their ashes, gulping, whisper
With bloody breath the name
of a bird.

yesterday, dinner - nat raha

The name predates
& “encompasses”.
Cross-section of minority,
representation (appreciated)
but titling to silence.

The assumption cast,
seemingly innocent (but
falling at human fallacy)
represents the general
& wrong
constitution of diet.

The narration is a new language –
left tasked education.
Interplay on boxes
your subscription optional.

sick of the frass - linus slug

three beats in the bar. no longer a wish but
formless strip the tree sssuh suh [bad weed]
this street/this street of empty

society fears fringe margins
He chimes with far more affect than I want and is
and is on the edge of being

refuse to. snip snip. smudge dispassionate this logical stub.
life develops from lifeless matter. no matter what
you are mounted on

jokes - steve willey

The last poem I read at the poetry cafe last night, well its more an advert for a poem, the conceptual goo of a poem before it has taken shape. its probably called:

Advert, from Jokes

celan but worked through poetry based on rhythm - fluxes in and out, translation into sound from blank space, blank*actually as guilt of speaking for the already dead.

method is:

a joke carved out,

a line of poetry, a punch line,

punched out - punching in - punching out - undercut by speed and lunacy

organisation of time (punching in and punching out) as money (dematerialised by speed and lunacy vis a vis internet) formed around a joke that knows it is a joke all carved out and

circuitry of the home.

yr ugly plug face is your biometric data and your online customer satisfaction survey jew Lindsay say it is also the kettle.

all that is needed to end a life are a series of brief commitments arranged at the right pitch, a sense of humour sounding out as joke. Jokes told at the right speed, somewhere between the speed of a jet, a name pulled from a database, the length-time it takes to walk a bridge and the time it takes to pull the hair from the tooth of a comb, name it swallow it, and place it on a page.

commitment as organisational principle of space

space: anticipation, remembrance and presence

The presence of an advert as night, advert as anticipation, a feeling set in time projecting onto future space

anticipation of poetry cafe basement space
= fear = a consideration to change the poetics, change the speed of the reading, change the content?

Anticipation, built on remembrance of space, a space which is not mine,
glass splashing

"basically it all comes down to the mutual exclusivity of futures and
their unknowable values in some imagined but now impossible exchange,
and the fact that something as arbitrary as who gets their first
(basically time!) determines social hierarchies and the counter
problem of, if I initiate another imagined future with someone else
the haunting specter of the future I have just been denied may well
rear its head and chop my feet off sometime in some place where all
futures travel together as text and subtext. passivity and activity
flux against eachother all the time, you can't opt in or opt out, but
you can make the effort to articulate, sometimes we do this via
confrontational discourse."

Saturday, 4 April 2009

untitled - edward luker

wreaking of synthesis we appear casually
as the spectators of a dutty empire
crossing their lines overdraft

today04 - alex mist

Threw out the protocol
And try to convince

Accept the candid eye
So the next red head

Speak intensely
For a little start

Instead of walking away
Carry on the conversation

Welcoming everybody
And pleasing smiles out

Eventually just give up
And lead over the river

Or remain still on this side
Missing a minute of silence

Then, just appear to explain
Why you delay for so long

beauty - Rebeca Gisele Rosier

Common Interest - byootie

We lacked the neon sunglasses that the other boys


I also lacked the balls.


I think I do & more often do

like boys more than girls because________

they have smaller brains and bigger heads."


I liked
frappucinos before
Alice stole my idea.


Don't steal my (the blades of grass are dewy
against my dry & crusty hands.

haiku at work - Jessica Butler

George Barron stocks the
Boxes everywhere.

frsscrvice - Linus Slug

just fashion ah cuh cuh crvice in whch ah long slit and ash rise frm thuh BARE tree

bark imprint dimpls yr cheek THRUST UP AGAINST IT I hve reached thuh purpling skin thuh pooling blood thuh

c o n t i n u e

muscles stiffening

and GET ON YR KNEES so I can PSS IN YR GOB yr stoop-id face fades to [Jackdaw Jaundice] nuh-nine lice on BUTTERED BREAD HAH

fluids leak from mouth from nose from eyes thuh ears thuh rectum and. thuh tune to be played w/three beats in the bar

untitled - nat raha

In my 2009 nearly drunk
nearly freezing perspective
(female gaze sees female
attributes perspective),
I look skywards on arrival
to the 2009 home
& for the first time since
moving to London,
(3-week carousel head)
I actually see stars -

like those I dreamt
we two watched
(declaration of near love)
& dreamt you saw
our Gemini selves,
but is just one self
(recognition you'll probably
break my heart)
& an idea of beloved
(please turn up somewhere),
I learn the desire answer.

lake effect snow watch - hJgoodwin

ice scree
eyes freeze
bullet in
effect in
too night
the higher terrain from
may be affected
lake effect snow watch
in effect



untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier


I am like


"Sure, it was harder to dream at the start,

You are so darn cool _______Shoreditch

tht I am beginning to dress up like



Harry's purple
are not
my purple

because we are entirely different
people &
his are not real.

tiss - Nat Raha

You have two modes –
fine definition
difficult to detect.
Surmount (romance) threshold

Valve (amplitude).
Such voltage that they
do not see structure for
electron / cats / pollution.

Atomic pricks are key
w.r.t. surface normal.
Escape depths
expand or contract,
is huge across.

The resolution is typically achievable.
You knock the violet from me
& discharge.
I tunnel | smash classical
feedback ensures I remain constant.

untitled - Jessica Butler

lick my furred
wound like
a cat cleaning
its coat - no,
a cat tasting
its prey - and
I tremble like a
petrified mouse
under your
tongue-touch --
a terrible seizure
of pleasure.
cat hurls the
mouse up, it
arcs down, it
lands and
you swallow it

untitled - Josh Stanley


untitled - Righteous Rayner

Hoo ha:

from above
from a dove

in a boat
but afloat

blah blah blah
blah blah blah

sex of a language nature
toothy blowjob synopsis:

Randy was a flatpack criminal
got erected by the cops
liked to cut his wrists with cuffs
came at the thought of prison

The crime approaches as a smarmy cunt
squinting and lisping from denim stilts
Randy's eyes flash blue and his mouth wails
all three emergency songs


i i

i i

i i

nighty n g


t mummmmmmmmmmmmmm

Flesh Leggings (for Frances Kruk) - Sophie Robinson

A persuasive blackness of spirit touches
you, & I do not have the answer you
Feel you deserve. Your olive-oil stomach
Is calling out for the thrill of lips, &
Your hurt curls are enshrined in cotton.
Small and puffy by the door, a backless
Vibration falls amongst us, a low-flowered
Anger. You hold out your palms of feel the
Chesty pulses, and soon it creeps in you,
Harping over and over the hands and
Cities. The loving diagnosis of
Your hip shot from grace – a stapler greeted
By skin, broke, fell to earth like a gazelle.

Friday, 3 April 2009

A L O V E P O E M - Francesca Lisette

Star-pressed heat locked in where breath
is utterly / useless: hurled steel
cut against coral bleach
judged a lash out at perfume, shy in cups.
By & by yawning ochre
comes a germination or sod; houses
threaten to invert their dimensions,
slip by flesh-coloured.

You here, tracer, I can feel the precise
count of paces : yellow smoke
vanishes over fist into fucked air -
ripe for placement, a screaming butterfly
zones in on my brow's soft seal
dripping at the red's recant.
prised off my eyelash, set to snarl.

today 03 - Alex Mist

I’m not a liar
F for fiasco
S for saga

I’m not a person
Refuse to rule
Such reports

I’m just a player
Apologies and orders
Potential exclusion
So I’ve done it

Excluded from
Determined to
An incident – The end

Possibility of
Finally broke the silence:

I had a great lack
I told them what happened
I had no intention
I just wanted to tell my story

I am not a liar
I’m not a person
I’m just a player, so
I've done it

A huge mistake
Further investigation
An impossible position
And the other side of
A story: the fact
I was I felt I owed

Why am I here?

I don't have time to think
I went and did it and felt so bad

Yourself in my position

As I’ve said, I’m not a liar

What can I say?

When Harry met Harry or ReCrossing the Line - hJgodwin

No one was there!
Jeff said “Hello”!
Paul didn’t drink!
Sean was rock’n’roll!
But he wasn’t allowed to know!
Lots of canting!
Geraldine wasn’t drunk!
A break!
More beers!
Jow became Steve!
More canting!
Little Frances made a huge entrance!
Sean read!
Paul snuffed as Gavin read snuff!
Cute anarchists were discussed!
Crisps were discussed!
Crisps were bought!
Curries were discussed!
No curries were bought!
Harry met Harry!
Harry de Wit was discussed!
Harry sang Ivor Cutler!
Jeff and Harry discussed dog shit!
Lots of photographs were taken!
Peckham in Furs!
Finland, Poland and Canada were discussed!
Dutch is not a secret language!
Harry said goodbye to Harry!
Another Harry de Wit was discussed!
He plays jazz!
Johan nearly got run over!
So did Harry!

untitled - edward luker

the demand; retension of our
own no lapse of cynicism
it helps us cry tweets out of range

as a pacifier, the smell
of stoic miser grunts decked up
by the chinos utter free reign

shat on us and we lick it with
the frown of superior scabs
recondite with this erosion

making something of one's education / techniques in surface science - Nat Raha

untitled - joe Stohlman

banker banker banker banker
riot cop riot cop riot cop riot
but we love you but we love
you too

untitled - Richart Barrett


i am the pussy and I take it to heart - sophie robinson

I am the pussy and I take it to heart.
A vacuum - the green howl of dawn - I smell
No more the jukebox of your agony.
Her graze, gushing, was a spangled glob in
The moonlight. Vodka arms with marshmallow
Snarl, & an omnipotent bottom zipped,
gating in her nothingness; silk slip
slouched around her knobbled architecture
& like a blade cutting through her heart, she
realised that the something that made her life
tolerable was a shiny plastic
cupcake, crumbed around her pursing mouth.

“well, yeah”, she said, & could think of nothing
to reply.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound - Alex Davies

In and around these distractions,
worship is a blast,
we torture our superheroes
for the same reason
we test our buildings
against earthquakes.
Labels of maintenance
reinforce distractions.
Spaces are walls
bouncingainst walls
distracting the watchers
from the material
the wall is made of.
Transactions serve
to disguise bouncing
The labels the buildings are made of
are those that allow
the buildings to be made.

today 02 - Alex Mist

This is the day
The world came together
Over me

Share it or dig it
Shop it or spot it
Pose again just in the gap
To make an additional thought
To boost a new confidence
To mark the end of it

There is always
A former part of a job
Other measures or
Action to “clean up”
New rules to tackle
New bulls to dagger

Skins to bear
Bears to skin

This is the day
The world came together
Over me

untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier

Burning rubber
& other rubber things

I quite like your beard,
small old lady___
I also & maybe ever more
like your smelly coat (cat

Sucking a
dummy ___ left hand sided

_________I have
eaten too much

Remembering Openned 2 - hJgoodwin

My stool
fell down
a hole
My stool
fell down
a hole
my stool
fell down
a h le
and Johan
made a face

frassette - Linus Slug

27 lines (3x9)


How conspicuous you are in your dark grey coat.

I’m going as Harry J Godwin
To the

I have reached the 12th stage of decomposition transmuting a -
I have found this old document / this makes no sense/check the botanists page
No news

Once again subjected to oh god you are tedious and exhaustin no mayo I said no mayo no mayo you cunt no may I be the first to congratulate your atrophy out of existence. Drone.

Gan on then gobshite.
Do yr worst. We are all agents of our own demise.

Euphoria comes in ephemeral skin
after which depression sets in and I think of you collecting specimens.

check the botanists page
No news

Am ah taahkin to me fuckin sell like?
The smell of cut grass and petrol is the smell of gymkhanas and jazz bands for jazz bands read jizz as in jazz mags for jazz mags read pasty pink girls in short pleated skirts their filthy red rots shoving spit in bazookas to Y Viva España [por favor]

red rot. red rot. your lips of leather are falling apart.

check the botanists page

No news

Persecuted by mosquitos I would like to fuck you in the bush – no. not that
on gilded moss no. not that just fashion a crevice in which to

tempura - Francesca Lisette

fuck off, it's thru not with i'm looking at:
a pinked, soldier's, bicep
(cheat your way out/ shrug off delicious)

swilled back as a promise, gold knuckle
ridges its timecode in your ribs
all for fluff type.

DP dream sequence - Nat Raha

Nature (subconscious) plucks,
placed moment to serenity.
Witness to the ceremony,
indeterminate tower
(observation for the pine
& finches). None
of your tribal rhythm
or ten-chamber lull –
Does this new era
of calm or television conception

Uncertain (digital?) woodland
generates its own ambient
curve. Carried astray,
perhaps by vocal lack
of namesake, or either A.,
the motorway harmonises –
Even the hot-dog van, the near miss
Motorised ballet.

I retract to humane, orientated
ambivalence (she does have
the most sarcastic voice)
& remain two steps twentieth.

She’s always consuming
aside the remarks.
This fiction isn’t part of the record collection.

from space relations - sophie robinson

Superdupermarket: JOY, JOY, stillbirth, less luminous hues -

she sat in the naturally graceful pose of a dancer, one leg
tucked inder her, the other pointed out like a ferret.
now, for certain reasons I think that the heat is liberated
though I have never smelled a ferret. The mysterious charm of
cultural reversal was not a freak, but your old-fashioned
ferret-smeller belongs to a vanishing breed. her kitten face,
her own morose and wrecked husband as a taxi by a throat
hurt once wrote, 'Nothing is so pregnant as cruelty'...

Shall we look at our soft mouth and private parts now.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

untitled - georgina lord

creature crust,

in filthy
cut up

Frass - Linus Slug

Glitch. His hole to my cock smooth back and Render Invalid, 200 beats per second pitch the effect of uncoupling agents slash Involuntary Spasm. This is not gimmick this asshole red is wet from my Other hand running down the maladapted foreleg grasping female.

Burrow into bottom muck. soft bodied / short lived / plum gouger [Coccotorus scutellaris] they are similar but the upstroke is almost invariant.

strange organs are these tucked away in folds. Biting Lapping Piercing Rasping Sponging Sucking Mouthparts. Sweet resinous odours. intrauterine cannibalism. who strives to charm the ladylove?

Spontaneity is desirable. I am often with double penis: heimlich und unheimlich.

How conspicuous you are in your dark grey coat.

untitled - Rebecca Gisele Rosier

If____________ hurt
like - inside fibrosis

places we would
__(but still jitter

standing on one leg.

It's not easy__
dancing a three-legged

Building Easter out of
caramel and
(____Golden f
& organ bland

untitled - nat raha

I will host the mockery,
awareness isn’t even part of
the scare.
Wasn’t some experimentation
zeitgeist | perversion | discourse
in a hundred years inconsiderate disclosure
(I’d never,
love lost,
paternal thievery.)

I will outdate
their concept of abandonment
through airborne hysteric,
hootchy-kootch, onwards
I shall caress myself
& return ideals youth.
How can he even consider,
even return, even deprive,
he remains all hours
but I’ve named the bourbon after my second-borne.

Some non-self debacle plays,
have my womb!
& I function on electricity.
Hand on wheel.
This favour regarded. Stained. Her lips
I kiss indirectly.
Legactic youth condemned
with sight. Goodnight Mister.

Today - Alex Mist

Abolish money
Democracy is an illusion
Once a banker
Where’s our money?
Capitalism isn’t working
0% interest in poverty
No food in the fridge
We need riot
Black flags
Red flags
Too quite!
Red and black flags
Where’s our democracy?
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those falsely believe are free
Capitalism means war
Capitalism kills kill capitalism
Capitalism system isn’t sustainable
Don’t be stupid!
Free Tibet
Moneylenders out
More love not leverage
Viva the evolution
Viva la evolución
You are revolting
The revolution is now Zeitgeist
Jobs justice climate
Put people first
Where’s love?

"A tree just grew..." - hJgodwin

Given it is April Fool's...

“A tree just grew…” or Remembering Openned

A tree just grew
Out of my sorry

A tree just grew
out of Jim’s
and a bird

Then some other
happened and I
think the bird left

But Jim still had
a tree
growing out of his
a whole tree

Out of his penis

untitled - Jessica Butler

am I the bird or
am I its singular wing
or am I the bird and
its wing, spiralling
through the nothingness of
atmosphere and vapour,
approaching the hard
of soil and wood and water,
the hard everything
of existence,
faster and
faster and
faster and
for so long that I
fall asleep and
dream I am a bird
with only one wing?

'Space Relations, 1' by Sophie Robinson

Unconscious. Nod. “where were you lying when you
woke up?” His wire antennae quivering with pink polka-dots
it was hot everywhere Shake of the head. An unlucky day.
Another negative. Breathed Shake of the head. Warbled
Back into bed and stay there anxiously, Nod. Knowing
The moist air masses. Shake of the head. More dust. Negative.
Shriek, now! Nod. One of the more memorable insanities. Nod.
A racking sob. “My friend said she was nothing anyhow,
Dated the town thugs in quantities electro” Did anybody die
She was not drunk, and I sensed nothing forced in her – Our body
Reacts to this with an intense sensation of thirst. Her language closed
Was tame and stiffened with the pain, hot, fat and worried.
Gently every trace of perspiration vanishes, the backward flow of
Phantasied attacks meet at a certain point further down
A vast cube of obscure space. To the dead already fucking
Is the name we give the krypton and neon which surrounds our sick
Cream processing machine and make us too obviously tormented,
Too fragile to withstand the remix of her milk and her
Finger-nails: did he die here, or was he dead when he

The doctor bent over building a style to cope, stood up,
And looked steadily at her girlfriend, a starlet named
Ramona with webbed hands like a duck, make-up caked
Grey and crumpled, said to the Dictaphone “you will be
Pretty sick if you do not at once lie down and stay quiet. I
am in charge here now. So you just take it easy.” He
kills the thing he loves in order to learn something new.
In order to lighten the burden of anxiety about an old
Object, face so imbued with the smoggy sunlight. You’re
Terribly tired, after shootingoff firecrackers spinning drunk.
Vague, reddened eyes closed.

Against translation of this delicate laboratory. Both
Looked at the lady. She walked slowly over. Her sexual
Stories were pills for upset, damage he may have inflicted
And, her head with innumerable pins, had begun to fray to
Block his view if he should open his eyes, silently man –


We All Fell About - Alex Davies

You cannot choose to speak.
Membrances scatter, spaces which, when gotten past clatter:
are you on/in/as/is I?
'You could potentially trace'
the cut-of-you jib, oxygenate blood, I ruinate.
Enigmatic sense-impacts
massive point, disseminate diparaging remarks,
eyes act mist responsible,
slanderous disinformation thru out-of-text misquoting:
"it would be back-patting",
'If only you just wouldn't clap so hard',
the tolerated can describe,
torn two-ways once, missing.
'You crazy fool! All you'll find here is death, & pidgin english,' in this room,
and what does I become
in the presences of you?