Wednesday, 1 April 2009

untitled - nat raha

I will host the mockery,
awareness isn’t even part of
the scare.
Wasn’t some experimentation
zeitgeist | perversion | discourse
in a hundred years inconsiderate disclosure
(I’d never,
love lost,
paternal thievery.)

I will outdate
their concept of abandonment
through airborne hysteric,
hootchy-kootch, onwards
I shall caress myself
& return ideals youth.
How can he even consider,
even return, even deprive,
he remains all hours
but I’ve named the bourbon after my second-borne.

Some non-self debacle plays,
have my womb!
& I function on electricity.
Hand on wheel.
This favour regarded. Stained. Her lips
I kiss indirectly.
Legactic youth condemned
with sight. Goodnight Mister.