Monday, 6 April 2009

A Complaint to a Man in the Form of a LIST - Posie Rider

• I wrote a tiny book
• I put it in your arm
• You let the fascists
• Do that thing
• To your leg, you know?
• I can't trust you
• Because you passed the rabid seer
• Your number, why did you do that?
• And you whittled
• When whittling time was through
• And you poured the sense of Jesus
• Though the Jesuit asked for none
• And you spilt the milk
• You burned my hems
• When I asked you to turn them up
• Why did you
• Because I’m taller than you?
• When the house was down
• You left the page
• Unturned the cup
• And glued the cats together
• By their white noses
• You bullied the ketchup
• Wined in the stew
• Wrought havoc on the iron
• You waxed the ripe lemons
• Ate my fucking harp
• I can’t believe
• You ate my fucking harp
• Tipped the blest frame
• To face against the wall
• And why, because
• I’m more attractive than you,
• Is that it?

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