Thursday, 2 April 2009

frassette - Linus Slug

27 lines (3x9)


How conspicuous you are in your dark grey coat.

I’m going as Harry J Godwin
To the

I have reached the 12th stage of decomposition transmuting a -
I have found this old document / this makes no sense/check the botanists page
No news

Once again subjected to oh god you are tedious and exhaustin no mayo I said no mayo no mayo you cunt no may I be the first to congratulate your atrophy out of existence. Drone.

Gan on then gobshite.
Do yr worst. We are all agents of our own demise.

Euphoria comes in ephemeral skin
after which depression sets in and I think of you collecting specimens.

check the botanists page
No news

Am ah taahkin to me fuckin sell like?
The smell of cut grass and petrol is the smell of gymkhanas and jazz bands for jazz bands read jizz as in jazz mags for jazz mags read pasty pink girls in short pleated skirts their filthy red rots shoving spit in bazookas to Y Viva España [por favor]

red rot. red rot. your lips of leather are falling apart.

check the botanists page

No news

Persecuted by mosquitos I would like to fuck you in the bush – no. not that
on gilded moss no. not that just fashion a crevice in which to

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