Monday, 6 April 2009

for keith warrender - richard barrett

Once cautioned against
the word palimpsest
over-use / ferrying coal
Bridgewater canal to
centre of town
wasn't underground then.
Quaker house gathering afternoon
dignitaries present haunt
the back-rows. Built
on and over. Creation
of tunnels. Erudition
accepted / delivering
frilly-shirted WMC turn.
Foundation of the city

lighter than air.
Seam tapped
below that easily vocalized
therapists call it stumble/walk
to the tram-stop stop hear
'cold-war...telephone exchange ensure powerful
survive'. Tautology accusation:
an invented story.
Memories rising like
Irwell water level post
decades of corporate dumping.
Entrance wouldn't have been
that narrow.

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