Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Frass - Linus Slug

Glitch. His hole to my cock smooth back and Render Invalid, 200 beats per second pitch the effect of uncoupling agents slash Involuntary Spasm. This is not gimmick this asshole red is wet from my Other hand running down the maladapted foreleg grasping female.

Burrow into bottom muck. soft bodied / short lived / plum gouger [Coccotorus scutellaris] they are similar but the upstroke is almost invariant.

strange organs are these tucked away in folds. Biting Lapping Piercing Rasping Sponging Sucking Mouthparts. Sweet resinous odours. intrauterine cannibalism. who strives to charm the ladylove?

Spontaneity is desirable. I am often with double penis: heimlich und unheimlich.

How conspicuous you are in your dark grey coat.

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