Saturday, 11 April 2009

important questions asked of those who cannot possibly answer them 5 - Jow Lindsay

Full lava, hard to follow, will flower, like
Hillsborough florets kettled dead
by state men dressed up as seraphs, so. Dou
Che bag MAO.sav which saves the upright in heart,

I took two sets of snaps with my new Holga:
"those guys are geeks they resisted the poll tax"
and "we guys are freaks we logged onto lol cats."
Posie's bed is fake. Vag Day coming up.

horn blend, frozen in a garnetiferous tallow
I kidding! did you really, flid, trust that
horn blend, et cetera, disquotated? num
pty. a big fan of journalism obv. a fucker
I hesitate to characterise as mother, crept
naked, pink, quivering, from a lil green toe fan
like a sea shell tied on your toe and green
derived certain conditions, like "nesty home"
during your creep, lol: reader, I'm explaining that
chav parliament cavort tesco ASCII obv. so
lol-gourd lock-ons are GO. next time reader
report ye carrion-free to the faery queen's court.
filthy lil green toe fan soz lol soz lol lsborough
flesh fresh wildflower free ROFLMAO roflmao while
While we wait for Hillsborough's first
coat of red to dry:
Save us, LORD,
save us. AKON's
"Space Invaders" savedgame file nowdays fetches
on Yebay the same as c.70 tonnes of saffron bcc'd from
Bombay to London by Somali spice traders in the seventeen hundreds would
of: th'insolence. asklfdjasdf.sav ah Kenny off
Southpark: ;klasjdf;aslj.sav us, slfdkjsdf'a\e'.sav us, and do not always
kill those condemned to death
merely because they are Kennies
as the less civilized might:
we use them to benefit science
like rats or mice
to find out the limits of human endurance
at the highest altitudes
for the good of the German navy;
or wound them and force wooden shavings or ground glass
into the wounds,
or take out bones, muscles, and nerves,
or burn their flesh –
to study the burns caused by bombs –
or put poison in their food
or infect them with malaria, typhus, or other fevers –
all for the good of the German army.
Heil Hitler!