Sunday, 5 April 2009

jokes - steve willey

The last poem I read at the poetry cafe last night, well its more an advert for a poem, the conceptual goo of a poem before it has taken shape. its probably called:

Advert, from Jokes

celan but worked through poetry based on rhythm - fluxes in and out, translation into sound from blank space, blank*actually as guilt of speaking for the already dead.

method is:

a joke carved out,

a line of poetry, a punch line,

punched out - punching in - punching out - undercut by speed and lunacy

organisation of time (punching in and punching out) as money (dematerialised by speed and lunacy vis a vis internet) formed around a joke that knows it is a joke all carved out and

circuitry of the home.

yr ugly plug face is your biometric data and your online customer satisfaction survey jew Lindsay say it is also the kettle.

all that is needed to end a life are a series of brief commitments arranged at the right pitch, a sense of humour sounding out as joke. Jokes told at the right speed, somewhere between the speed of a jet, a name pulled from a database, the length-time it takes to walk a bridge and the time it takes to pull the hair from the tooth of a comb, name it swallow it, and place it on a page.

commitment as organisational principle of space

space: anticipation, remembrance and presence

The presence of an advert as night, advert as anticipation, a feeling set in time projecting onto future space

anticipation of poetry cafe basement space
= fear = a consideration to change the poetics, change the speed of the reading, change the content?

Anticipation, built on remembrance of space, a space which is not mine,
glass splashing

"basically it all comes down to the mutual exclusivity of futures and
their unknowable values in some imagined but now impossible exchange,
and the fact that something as arbitrary as who gets their first
(basically time!) determines social hierarchies and the counter
problem of, if I initiate another imagined future with someone else
the haunting specter of the future I have just been denied may well
rear its head and chop my feet off sometime in some place where all
futures travel together as text and subtext. passivity and activity
flux against eachother all the time, you can't opt in or opt out, but
you can make the effort to articulate, sometimes we do this via
confrontational discourse."

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